Department of Prosthetics

porcelain veneers | crowns | bridges | implant prosthetics | machines | full set of dentures

Department of Orthodontics

mobile and fixed orthodontics | metallic and cosmetic appliances

Department of Paediatric Dentistry

restorations specifically for children and adolescents in a specially customized environment

Department of Oral Surgery - Implantology

removal of wisdom teeth | implants | sinus lift surgery | removal of cysts | broken roots etc.

Department of Periodontics

periodontal surgery | implantations | gingivitis treatment | periodontits treatment (molecular diagnosis of periodontitis in order to investigate any possible predisposition of the patient to the disease)

Department of Endodontics

apicoectomy | modern methods of microscopic endodontics | one appointment treatment

Department of Dental Surgery

cosmetic restoration | resin veneers | laser applications | modern whitening methods